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It’s ‘unparliamentary’ to call out racism, but not unparliamentary to be racist

Today, Liberal Senator Alex Antic used his two minute statement to complain about the “threat” of critical race theory and “victimhood.” Senator Lidia Thorpe called these comments racist. Senator James McGrath called for Senator Thorpe to withdraw her comments. 

Senator Thorpe refused, saying that she was simply stating a fact. Senator Mehreen Faruqi asked why those calling out racism were asked to withdraw, yet there are no consequences for being racist.

The following lines are attributable to Senator Lidia Thorpe:

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Greens call for end to toxic parliamentary workplace culture

The Australian Greens say today’s report into workplace culture in NSW Parliament shows that the toxic boys club of politics extends beyond Canberra.

Lines attributable to NSW Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Greens Deputy Leader and member of the Joint Select Committee on Parliamentary Standards:

“The Broderick report is nothing short of traumatic and devastating. Sadly, however, it does not surprise me that this is what has been revealed about my old workplace.

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Speech: A modern and secular parliament

This country is changing, our community is changing and our parliament is changing. More than half of us were born overseas or have a parent born overseas and a quarter of us have a non-European background. Only 44 per cent now identify as Christian, and that number is falling. Other religions are growing, as is the number of Australians who don't have any religion, which is now almost 40 per cent. This parliament is more diverse than ever: more First Nations people, more people of colour and more women. Australia is changing.

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Speech: Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation

We are in a situation where we have floods in New South Wales and Queensland. We have a housing crisis. People can't make ends meet. Young people are burdened with huge study debts which are holding them back. Rather than addressing these issues that affect millions of people, here we have a government trying to sneak in deductible gift status for the Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation—a move that will allow the centre to avoid taxation on their income. My amendment will stop this from happening.

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Speech: Time for a reckoning with racism

Islamophobia in this country is rising. The third report on Islamophobia, Islamophobia in Australia, was released this month by Charles Sturt University and the Islamic Science and Research Academy. This report tells us in no uncertain terms what many Muslims living here already know: that Islamophobia is getting worse. There was a fourfold increase in in-person anti-Muslim hate incidents, and online incidents were 18 times higher after an Australian white supremacist killed 51 innocent people in mosques in Christchurch in 2019. These are just the reported incidents.

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Islamophobia report reveals horrific extent of anti-Muslim racism

Australian Greens Anti-racism spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has said that the latest Islamophobia in Australia report, released today, reveals the horrifying face of Islamophobia and the urgent need for government to tackle anti-Muslim racism and hatred.

Senator Faruqi, who is the only Muslim in the Australian Senate, said:

“Islamophobia in this country is widespread, it is virulent, and it is on the rise.

“In the three years since Christchurch, the federal government has not lifted a finger to tackle Islamophobia and racism in this country.

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Speech: Narendra Modi and Scott Morrison

When Donald Trump was US President, Prime Minister Scott Morrison was, rightly, criticised for his cosy friendship with this white nationalist leader who was impeached twice and tried to steal an election. But not much has been said about the Prime Minister's cosy friendship with another far-Right leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India. Dangerous nationalism and authoritarianism, with strong anti-Muslim and anti-Sikh elements, have skyrocketed in India under Modi, and his administration should be condemned.

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