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Violence against women in mining must end now

Media Release
Dorinda Cox 9 Aug 2022

The Australian Greens today vowed to increase its push for the mining sector to undertake systemic reform to prevent violence against women in the mining sector only weeks after the landmark WA inquiry report titled ‘Enough is Enough’ - Sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry, was tabled in the WA State Parliament. 

The latest article by Kalgoorlie Miner’s Deputy Editor Amber Lilley shows the serious lack of commitment to the safety of women engaging with this sector and reaffirms the finding that women in the industry “frequently have to deal with sexual harassment and sexual assault”.

Comments attributable to Senator Dorinda Cox, Australian Greens spokesperson for Resources:

“The Greens are shocked, disgusted, and appalled to learn today of another report of sexual harassment and predatory behaviour at the Diggers and Dealers conference against Kalgoorlie Miner Deputy Editor Amber Lilley, who I had the pleasure of being interviewed by during the Federal election campaign.”

“The WA mining sector has been called out in the report and its recommendations are clear. The ignorance and lip service is impalpable and holding those in power to account isn't even a blip on the radar, which continues to leave me deeply concerned.”

“The reporting of these acts must be taken seriously so that this culture of violence is stopped, reprimanded and compensated appropriately for women who are overwhelmingly represented as victims. No more glossy commercials, websites and induction videos - real discussions and real action to ensure women's safety is the priority for this sector.”

Comments attributable to Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens spokesperson on Women:

"The sexual harassment and sexism reported at West Australia’s annual mining industry conference, shows the urgency of implementing the recommendations of the recent report into sexual harassment in the mining industry.

“Mining companies need to clean up their act and make sure women are actually safe and respected at work, just as every person in every workplace should expect to be safe and respected.

“Sex Discrimination Commissioner Jenkins Respect@Work report should be the starting point for federal reform for mining sites and all other workplaces - including a positive duty on employers to make workplaces safe.

“Federal Labor has promised to implement those recommendations and the Greens will hold them to that pledge.”

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