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Morrison's climate finance disappointment

Australian Greens International Development spokesperson Senator Mehreen Faruqi has responded to Scott Morrison’s commitment to an additional $500 million in climate finance through to 2025.

Senator Faruqi said:

“This is a disappointing, measly commitment. Australia’s total commitment falls far short of the bare minimum $3 billion to 2025 that was called for by aid organisations ahead of Glasgow.

“Morrison is offering up scraps and hoping no one notices. But the reality is that Australia is again failing to pull its weight.

“The Morrison government is not paying our fair share of climate finance and refusing to commit to strong 2030 targets. This is just pathetic.

“Our Pacific neighbours haven’t forgotten that it was the Liberals who pulled out of the critical Green Climate Fund just a few short years ago.

“The Greens have pledged $4.5 billion in climate finance and reparations to 2025. Australia has played, and continues to play, a big role in fueling global heating. We must take responsibility for our contribution to the climate crisis and do more to support the Global South,” she said.

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