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Liberals failing to upgrade economy to beat climate change

Media Release
Richard Di Natale 9 Dec 2015

The Australian Government has deservedly been ranked third last out of 58 large countries on the strength of their policies to tackle global warming in a report out of Paris overnight.

The report by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network Europe puts Australia ahead of only Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan for climate action.

"The world is not being fooled by the nice speeches we're hearing from Australian pollies in Paris. The fact is, their policies are inadequate," said Greens Leader Richard Di Natale, who's at the UN summit.

"The policy settings laid down by Tony Abbott and kept in place by Malcolm Turnbull are forcing Australia to miss the wave of innovation that will deliver economic prosperity, as well as social and environmental good.

"The Liberals' climate targets are pathetic, and the so-called ‘Direct Action' policy that pays polluting companies keep polluting simply won't drive the change we need - the change the world is asking for here in Paris.

"Australia is being left behind in the clean energy revolution, thanks to both big parties ganging up to cut the Renewable Energy Target and pushing to open new coal mines.

"The employment and trade opportunities of the 21st century are in clean energy, not the dying coal industry.

"Being at the bottom of this list is bad news for jobs, our international reputation, our health and our environment," Senator Di Natale said.

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