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Labor shouldn't be warming to a Liberal gas plan that's seriously fracking bad: Greens

Media Release
Adam Bandt 12 Aug 2020

The Greens have responded to Labor’s official endorsement (through its Shadow Resources Minister, Joel Fitzgibbon) of the Liberals’ plan to subsidise gas, saying the establishment parties were robbing the public purse to make the climate emergency worse.

"Labor shouldn't be warming to a Liberal plan that will dangerously heat our planet," Mr Bandt said.

“By backing the Liberals’ gas-led recovery, Labor is giving up on the Paris Agreement.

“Former Labor luminary, Bob Carr, has made it clear that when it comes to the climate crisis, gas is worse than coal. You can cut climate pollution, or you can extract more gas, but you can’t do both.

“The establishment parties are robbing the public purse to make the climate emergency worse.

“Public money should go to schools, hospitals and public housing, not to big gas corporations.

"Energy experts have dismissed the idea of a gas-led recovery, and climate scientists warn it will further push our stressed climate to breaking point.

“The Greens will move to block this methane madness in the Senate and we want Labor to stop siding with the Liberals on coal and gas.”

NoteBob Carr has said:
“Put simply, if gas leaks at more than a rate of 3 per cent, it’s worse than coal. BP candidly reports 3.2 per cent of its gas leaks into the sky.”

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