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Greens Call for Continuation of 20 Subsidised Psychology Appointments

Media Release
Jordon Steele-John 27 Oct 2022

Lines attributable to Greens Spokesperson for Health and Mental Health, Jordon Steele-John:

“Labor’s budget fails to address the mental health crisis that so many in our community are feeling right now. 

“People are unable to get the mental health support they need. We know that the availability of local services, long waitlists, and the cost are major barriers to people getting mental health supports. 

“The Australian Greens are disappointed that Labor’s budget did not commit to an extension of the additional 10 psychology sessions under the Better Access scheme. 

“This government should not be going backwards. We can not return to only 10 Medicare-subsidised sessions with a psychologist.

"The Australian Greens are calling on the government to make more mental health services free under Medicare. We are calling on the government to give certainty to the community and improve access to a range of mental health supports. We hope to see the Better Access evaluation and the Strengthening Medicare Taskforce provide recommendations to enable this.”

Lines attributable to Greens Spokesperson for Youth, Stephen Bates:

“We are in the midst of a devastating mental health crisis that is disproportionately impacting young people. For LGBTQIA+, disabled, and multicultural Australians, this situation is even more dire.

“Young people are being failed by mental health services because there is not enough capacity to treat them. Nearly 1 in 3 young people have received mental health support in the last two years, and more than 1 in 10 young people sought mental health support but did not receive it. 

“Labor’s Budget fails to address the immediate need for mental health support, as well as the systemic issues that are causing young people psychological distress, like climate inaction, homelessness, and housing insecurity.

“The very least that the Government should commit to is extending the additional 10 psychology sessions under the Better Access Scheme during this time of great need.  

“Until mental healthcare is universally accessible and fully funded under Medicare, we cannot begin to address the scale of the youth mental health crisis in this country. 

“The idea that Labor is even considering reducing current support shows how out of touch they are with everyday people.”


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