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Govt declares war with environment with plans to scrap protection laws

The Morrison Government has declared war with the environment with its announcement it plans to cut ‘green tape’ even before the 10-year review of environmental laws is completed, the Greens say.

Greens Spokesperson for the Environment Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Using the cover of COVID19 as an excuse to scrap environmental protections is an act of bastardry, and everyday Australians will be appalled. 

“This anti-environment government has always had cuts to environmental protections in favour of its big business mates on its agenda.

“They seem to think Australians are distracted enough by the COVID-19 pandemic they won’t notice this latest attack. But I’ve got news for the Environment Minister, Australians care about the environment now more than ever and won’t take this lying down.

“Trying to cut environmental protections to give big business, who donate to major political parties, easy access to cut down, dig up and trample the environment in the name of economic stimulus after a global pandemic is shameful. 

“We need stronger environmental laws, not weaker ones. The EPBC Act is already failing in its purpose of protection conservation and biodiversity with flora and fauna continuing to become threatened species and even going extinct.  

“Fast-tracking applications will do even more damage. As it is, only about 2 per cent of applications under the EPBC Act get knocked back. 

“The Greens will fight this very hard, we’ve seen enough devastation with bushfires, logging of native forests and polluting mines, we won’t allow the environment to be trashed even further.”

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