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Government continues attack on Reef science

Media Release
Larissa Waters 28 Jul 2020

The Coalition and One Nation have cemented their position as science denialists, having spent Monday badgering some of Australia’s peak scientific bodies over the validity of Great Barrier Reef health findings during a Liberal-called Senate inquiry, the Greens said. 

Co-Deputy Leader of the Australian Greens, Queensland Senator Larissa Waters, said the inquiry is nothing more than a political ploy to attempt to advance the Coalition’s position ahead of the Queensland state election, and further its culture war against science. 

“The Reef is being used as a pawn for flagrant state electioneering. This inquiry is about state regulations, but these regulations are being probed at a federal level," she said.

“It’s been a futile exercise. We listened to One Nation ask one witness ‘what is science?’ in an attempt to discredit the findings from peak scientific bodies. We listened to a Coalition Senator also rebuke these findings as ‘concocted science’ and ‘false evidence’."

“Peer-reviewed science should not be debated by non-scientifically trained politicians trying to suit the agenda of big donors and dinosaur backbenchers."

“We need strong laws to set the standards and give our Reef the best shot, and farmers should be financially assisted to meet these strong requirements,” she said.

“The science is clear, we must act now for our best chance to protect the Reef and the more than 64,000 jobs that rely on it. 

“We need urgent climate action, a transition off coal to renewable energy, and strong action on water quality to save what’s left of our Reef,” she said.

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