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Government’s plan to bring down prices is a con: Bandt

Media Release
Adam Bandt 23 Oct 2018

Government’s plan to bring down prices is a con: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today slammed the government’s latest attempt at an energy plan, saying the price ‘safety net’ was a con and the coal slush-fund an irresponsible use of public money that will make global warming worse.

“This price ‘safety net’ move is an absolute con,” said Mr Bandt. 

“When you read the fine print, the so-called ‘cap’ won’t apply to 80-90% of customers.

“And the CEO of Energy Australia has even threatened to put up the prices of the 80-90% of customers to make up for their lost profits if the government forces the power bills of 10-20% of customers down.

“The government’s so-called safety net has holes so big that most people will fall through them.

“The government’s energy plan is also to pay polluters to keep on polluting through a coal-slush fund.

“While the Greens want to make the polluters pay, the Liberals want to pay the polluters to keep on polluting.

“The government’s latest appalling move is to strip money from schools and hospitals and give it to coal-fired power stations.

“It’s like taking money from the health budget and giving it to an asbestos business.

“Scientists are telling us to shut down one coal-fired power station per year between now and 2030 but instead the Liberals want to build more.

“If the government takes public money and gives it to coal, they’re toast. They won’t survive the next election and I’ll be glad to see the back of them.”

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