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Climate research shows Australians back Greens plan to phase out coal

Media Release
Adam Bandt 12 Sep 2018

Climate research shows Australians back Greens plan to phase out coal

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that the Climate of the Nation research conducted by The Australia Institute reaffirms that most Australians want strong action on climate change and a majority understand the contribution that big energy corporations and the relentless privatisation of our critical energy infrastructure have made to high electricity prices.

This research reaffirms the need for Liberal and Labor to adopt Greens policies for strong, evidenced based action to curb pollution by closing down coal and investing in renewables, as well as unwinding privatisation by renationalising key pieces of electricity infrastructure.

“The verdict is in. The Australian people accept the reality of climate change and are demanding action,” said Mr Bandt.

“Two out of three people want a plan to close coal-fired power stations and replace them with renewables, something the Greens have been pushing.

“Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and the rest of the coal-huggers in power are totally out of step with most Australians.

“If Scott Morrison won’t listen to Australians, maybe he will listen to the UN Secretary General, who recently stated that climate change is the defining issue of our time and that it poses a direct existential threat.

“This survey shows that people care. They care about the droughts and bushfires currently ravaging our country, which will only get worse if we fail to act.

“Right now, people in the US are evacuating their homes because of Hurricane Florence. This, and other natural disasters like it, are just a glimpse of what our future will hold if we don’t take strong, decisive action on climate change.

“The old parties are doomed to fail at the ballot box if they ignore what the public wants – action on climate change and reregulated electricity prices.”

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