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Adani gets 12.5 billion litres of water while 67% of Queensland in drought

Media Release
Larissa Waters 10 Dec 2019

The Morrison Government’s decision not to consider the impacts of Adani sucking up 12.5 billion litres of water from a region in deep drought shows the Government has been completely captured by big mining companies, according to Greens Co-Deputy Leader and Mining spokesperson, environmental lawyer Senator Larissa Waters.

“What an insult to Queensland farmers that on the same day as two-thirds of the state is drought declared, Adani gets another freebie from another government they have donated to.
“Our environmental laws are pathetically weak. They haven’t required the climate impacts of Adani’s mine to be considered before approval was issued, and now they don’t require the water impacts of a pipeline for water to wash that coal with to be considered.
“These 20 year old environmental laws ignore climate impacts and now ignore water impacts, and are working perfectly for all the mining companies who donate to the Liberal party. I hope that this decision gets challenged for a second time in court. 
“If you ever needed a better example that this government has sold out to big mining, this is it.

“Adani can’t get insurance and have had to self-fund after more than a dozen global financiers ruled out funding its climate-bomb coal mine. They have made false promises about jobs, when regional Queensland is desperate for real jobs and for protection of their drought-stricken lands and precious water resources.

“We won’t get real action on the climate emergency driving the drought until big mining companies stop making donations to political parties and stop calling the shots,” Senator Waters said.

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